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The market for green loans, sustainability-linked loans (SLLs) and social loans (collectively, ESG Loans) is growing rapidly. However, it is moving so quickly that it can be hard to get a grip on market trends. We have developed an online platform which helps provide a more complete, and data-driven, picture of the market.

Early in 2022, we started gathering and structuring key data on the ESG Loans our EMEA offices have advised on. We worked with our innovation programme (known as NRF Transform) to develop an online platform to collect, store and analyse the data.

Our first two reports based on the data we have gathered from ESG loans across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific can be viewed below. We plan to provide further and more in-depth insights as our data set grows.

ESG Loans Insights Report Issue 1 – December 2022

ESG  Loans Insights Report Issue 2 – April 2023




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