A further tightening of the screws for smokers in Quebec

Global Publication November 2016

In the spring of 2015, the Quebec government tabled Bill 44: An Act to bolster tobacco control (Bill). The Bill, assented to on November 26, 2015, amended the former Tobacco Act (now the Tobacco Control Act) (Act) to further restrict tobacco use. Although the bulk of the amendments came into effect on the date of assent, some amendments affecting workplaces kicked in on November 26, 2016.

As of that date, smoking is prohibited not only within a nine-metre radius from any door leading to a workplace, but also within a nine-metre radius from any air vent or openable window leading to a workplace.

Offenders – whether smokers or operators of places subject to the Act, including workplaces – are liable to heavy fines. Depending on the situation, those fines can amount to tens of thousands of dollars for a repeat offence. It is therefore important to make sure closed smoking rooms comply with the new requirements and that smokers stay in designated smoking areas.

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