Economic Credentialing: A Balancing of Risks, AHLA Enterprise Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Entities, 3rd Ed., Ch. 6



Global Publication January 27, 2017

US Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare Yvonne K. Puig (Austin) and Mark Faccenda (Washington, DC) co-authored a chapter focusing on economic credentialing in the third edition of AHLA’s Enterprise Risk Management for Healthcare Entities.

The chapter addresses the practice of economic credentialing, which is the practice by certain hospitals to grant privileges or not based on a physician’s profitability to the hospital.

It also addresses the various policies on the appropriateness of economic credentialing practices, as well as the various statutes, regulations and decisional laws either permitting or prohibiting the practice, depending on jurisdiction and context.

Read the full article (and to purchase): AHLA Enterprise Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Entities, Third Edition Co-published with the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (AHLA Members). Non-AHLA members can click here to buy the book.


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