Corporate Rebranding Checklist

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Global Publication November 2017

Brand equity might not be a new concept; neither does it invite debate given an international business community increasingly in tune with the importance of building and maintaining brand reputation. In this context, a rebranding exercise, while a welcome refresher, is also a critical step in a company’s development aimed at attracting new business while maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Throughout decades of supporting companies plan, implement and protect corporate brands, our intellectual property experts have built insight and expertise into rebranding issues, best brand practices, and have to avoid the most frequent rebrand pitfalls.

The graph below provides an overview of challenges that are commonly faced by companies during a rebranding exercise, and suggests actions that might be taken to mitigate some of these risks. It is not intended to be comprehensive and both the risks faced and the appropriate mitigating action are likely to vary greatly in different circumstances. We recommend that a specific and tailored risk analysis is completed prior to the commencement of any rebranding exercise.

Corporate Rebranding Table

To assist companies in planning and implementing a corporate rebranding, we have created an interactive checklist that covers the legal and practical issues and tasks associated with a rebrand and a timeline to deal with these available for purchase. The flowchart below will give you an overview of the project milestones and key activities covered in the checklist.


Contact our experts to know more or to discuss creating a rebranding timeline and checklist specific to your business.


Corporate Rebranding Checklist

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