Major construction and infrastructure projects and their contracting frameworks are becoming increasingly complex. Many construction industry participants face significant challenges when operating within evolving and multifaceted delivery structures, including PPPs, especially in relation to:

  1. Understanding their entitlements and obligations under various contracts and training staff to quickly come up to speed with a large volume of technical and legal content;
  2. Complying with regimes for notification of claims, avoiding claims becoming invalid for failure to notify within short timeframes; and
  3. Gathering information from the site and transferring it to the legal and commercial teams to review and submit claims in a timely manner.
“70 to 90% of construction megaprojects experience overruns”
Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management

Having advised on the majority of Australia’s large recent infrastructure and construction projects, our legal experts have designed a solution which addresses the various challenges of effective communication to multiple stakeholders, compliance with varying claims notification regimes, as well as centralising information from multiple teams involved in project delivery: Deliver&Capture.

Deliver&Capture includes three independent components which you can combine or adapt to match your project management processes and IT environment:

  1. Online contract delivery manual, featuring easy-to-navigate information in a wide variety of formats, including interactive flowcharts, FAQ format and free text search. This online resource not only replaces the traditional ‘project bible’ with user-friendly data sharing, but also doubles as a training tool for staff joining the project.
  2. Claims management portal, combining legal document automation (with templates and information pre-populated) and workflow management to ensure compliance with contractual timeframes (no more diarising the dates to submit claims!) This online database centralises all documentation relating to claims, simplifying data collection, analysis and review. 
  3. Mobile application, to capture information for potential and actual claims, equipped with geolocalisation and photo storage abilities, and directly connected to the claims management portal.

Deliver&Capture is a holistic risk management solution for construction and infrastructure projects, combining legal expertise with flexible technology and a cost-conscious approach.

Deliver&Capture combines design thinking, legal expertise and digital technology to:

  • Cyber-proof the system to ensure that information stored on the site is protected at all times.
  • Deliver a sophisticated platform responsive to project challenges and adaptable to IT environments.
  • Capture information for claims as well as internal reporting and data analysis.

Deliver&Capture Infographic

What Deliver&Capture can do for you:

  • Connect your commercial, build and legal teams by providing a single source of information, several pathways to identify information, submit claims and attach documentation on desktop and mobile.
  • Enhance compliance with contractual terms and claims processes through a user-friendly, modern interface adapted to various user profiles.
  • Provide the flexibility and cost effectiveness you need as the project advances, and as your information needs change.
  • Simplify data collection and automate document production through a centralised claims management function (track patterns in claims across and within projects to ensure your team learn from experience).
  • Pre-empt disputes and minimise the risk of time and financial losses throughout the entire project.

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