Precision Agriculture survey

Food and Agribusiness 2016

Global Publication June 2016

The future of precision agriculture

Farming is entering a new era of technological evolution to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

As precision agriculture technology becomes more advanced and accessible, and ensuring food security grows ever more critical, innovative farming practices are revolutionising agricultural production across numerous sectors and jurisdictions.

In order to create a complete picture of where this exciting industry is now and where it is heading, the Food and Agribusiness team at Norton Rose Fulbright have created a Global Survey: The Future of Precision Agriculture.

We would value your insight, and be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete a brief online questionnaire, which we have prepared with Neota Logic Inc, our partner on this initiative, as described below.

A complimentary copy of the final report will be sent to all contributors.

Food and Agribusiness at Norton Rose Fulbright

We represent the full spectrum of industry players, including companies involved in agribusiness and food production; processing and distribution (including seed makers); agrichemicals manufacturers; food producers; processors of agricultural commodities; manufacturers of precision farming equipment; alternative fuel producers; soft commodities traders; and financial institutions. Our lawyers share agribusiness industry knowledge and experience across borders, enabling us to support our clients anywhere in the world.

Managing our clients' personal information

We take our responsibility to protect our clients' personal information very seriously.  If you do not wish to be identified as a contributor to the survey, please check the box labelled Please keep my contact details confidential on the first page.  Responses and any contact details provided are stored in the United States on a dedicated Norton Rose Fulbright server hosted by a third party developer, Neota Logic Inc, and will not be used or distributed for any purpose other than the survey exercise.

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