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Proposed new Victorian OHS Regulations released for consultation

Global Publication July 2016

Victoria’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 (OHS Regulations) and the Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2007 are due to expire on June 19, 2017.

WorkSafe has today released proposed new OHS Regulations to replace the current OHS Regulations.

WorkSafe has invited public submissions and comment on the proposed new OHS Regulations as part of the consultation and review process. Submissions are due by the close of business on Friday September 9, 2016.

Employers, designers, suppliers and others with relevant obligations under the regulations should carefully review the amendments and identify how these will affect them. While many of the changes will provide clarity or reduce the burden of regulation, some may have the potential to increase obligations either generally or in specific circumstances. The public comment process is to ensure that unforeseen or unintended adverse consequences are identified.

Norton Rose Fulbright can assist you in understanding the changes to the OHS Regulations and how they will affect your business. We can also assist in the drafting of submissions to WorkSafe on the proposed new OHS Regulations.

The proposed new OHS Regulations are available here.

Stay tuned  for our summary of the key changes and how they will impact you.

Enquiries on the draft OHS Regulations or submissions should be directed to Barry Sherriff, Consultant and/or Nicki Milionis, Special Counsel below.

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