Member-funded societies ineligible for community gaming grants



Global Publication September 2016

With the new Societies Act set to come into force on November 28, 2016, the BC Corporate Registry continues to add information to its website.

An important new development recently highlighted on the website is that societies that claim member-funded status under the new Act will be ineligible for community gaming grants administered by the BC Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development through the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (“GPEB”).

The GPEB recently announced this policy and we understand that the GPEB plans to update its website with further details alerting societies to this new ineligibility criterion affecting applicants for community gaming grants. GPEB’s community gaming grant guidelines will eventually be amended to reflect this new disqualifier. Societies intending to transition and claim member-funded society status that are currently in receipt of community gaming grants may wish to reconsider whether member-funded status will be appropriate for their circumstances.

A link to the BC Corporate Registry’s website devoted to preparing for the Societies Act can be found here.

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