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#MeToo and Corporate Culture

It's time to focus on your organisational health

#MeToo is more than a Hollywood phenomenon – the movement places a firm spotlight on sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace in a way that is just as relevant for Australian businesses.

You only have to look to social media and the press to see sexual harassment allegations being made against government figures, public personalities, board members and senior executives.

At a time when the spotlight is on corporate culture, it is critical to take action for your organisational health.

In Australia we are seeing an increase in the number of claims alleging harassment, discrimination and bullying, as well as an increase in the level of damages being sought by claimants. With the Australian Human Rights Commission recently announcing its inquiry into Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, it seems that the #MeToo campaign has kept its momentum and is now likely to drive policy and even legislative change.

In recognition of the impact that inappropriate workplace behaviours can have on an individual’s enjoyment of life, awards of damages are increasing significantly. There is also an increased willingness by courts to find that employers and the perpetrators of the inappropriate behaviours are jointly and severally liable for damages awards.

With our extensive experience in providing risk advice to companies and defending senior executives, organisations and board members in discrimination and sexual harassment claims, including in some of Australia’s most high profile cases, we have developed a comprehensive set of tools for businesses wanting to be more proactive in the age of #MeToo.

Our offering encompasses several fixed fee packages, as well as highly tailored investigations and remediation actions, to cover the entire scope of organisational culture audit, development and continuous improvement.

Review our available packages below or download our brochure. And if you would like to discuss our packages further, please request a discussion with our team.

Training and learning
Package 1: Traffic light health check Package 3: Employee training Package 8: Investigations health check
Package 2: Deeper dive into
organisational culture
Package 4: Train the trainer
Package 5: Half day group intensive
Package 6: Board and senior executive briefing/training
Package 7: Compliance Manager
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