Companies, lenders and investors are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s market due to inflation and soaring energy and commodity prices, pressure to transition to new sustainable technologies, and global supply chain dislocations. These pressures are putting enormous stress on businesses globally. Our dedicated team of bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvency lawyers believe that a strategic plan and a clear focus can help you navigate through these challenges.

In our Restructuring Touchpoint video series, our restructuring lawyers discuss the current business climate and compare the different restructuring processes available worldwide, including US Chapter 11, Canada’s CCAA, the UK Restructuring Plan, the Dutch Whoa, and the German StaRug, amongst others. They will also explore how directors can protect themselves from personal liability, the challenges of more interventionist regulators on distressed businesses as well as pitfalls to consider when investing in distressed assets. Throughout this video series, our global team will highlight solutions and innovative ways to navigate through all these issues. For more information and for the latest videos please see below.


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