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Al Hounsell

Canada Lead NRF Transform | Director - Strategic Innovation & Legal Design

Al Hounsell 

About me

I joined Transform’s Canadian Innovation team with the role of Senior Innovation Lawyer. I work at the intersection of law and innovation, providing strategic and legal advice to clients and lawyers in matters such as: the drafting and automation of legal contracts for technology and financial services clients, regulatory compliance management and architecture, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies in the legal tech space. Managing the solutions development team – a cutting-edge team of legal engineers and full-stack developers – I have overseen the production of numerous legal apps, leveraging innovative technologies and artificial intelligence. I have also played a significant role in developing bespoke solutions both internally and directly for clients in the areas of document automation, data analysis and visualization, and workflow process innovation.


Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.

Fun fact

I play various musical instruments.


I was previously a tech entrepreneur, building a number of successful tech startups.

Best part of the job

Surprising and delighting clients with innovative solutions and creative applications.




Transform General 


  • Legal Design
  • Automation
  • Machine Learning / AI
  • Regulatory Compliance Management

Relevant Experience

  • Loan Automation
  • IP Portfolio
  • NRF Parker




+1 416.216.1884


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