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Amar Ali

Business and Legal Operations Graduate

Amar Ali 

About me

I joined Transform’s Business and Legal Operations Graduate scheme in September 2020, and have since completed two seats in Innovation and Business Transformation, respectively.

Whilst my background of study is chemical engineering, I found myself drawn to the problem-solving aspect of law firms and saw many parallels in the skills I had acquired through my studies. I’m a big believer that a scientific ‘first principles’ approach can be applied to any problem in order to develop a methodical solution, and business services is no exception.


Watford, Hertfordshire.

Fun fact

In my downtime I like to ride motorcycles and plan sustainable projects for my family farm in Kashmir, North Pakistan.


Prior to joining NRF I spent a year as a management consultant, but I’ve also worked as a barista, maths tutor, gardener, builder, farmer and even lumberjack. I’ve had a lot of jobs!

Best part of the job

Open-mindedness across all teams to approach problems in creative ways.

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Business and Legal Operations Graduate Scheme


  • Innovation
  • Legal Technology
  • Business Transformations 




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