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Amrit Thind

Business and Legal Operations Graduate


Amrit Thind

About me

I joined NRF as part of Transform’s Business and Legal Operations Graduate Scheme in 2020. Having completed a degree in Biochemistry at Imperial College, I realised that spending most of my time in a lab wasn't really what I wanted to be doing and thought about pursuing a career in IP - specifically drug patents.

Soon enough after this, I decided to step into the world of law whilst working in a non-legal capacity - and here I am.

The scheme has allowed me to explore new ways to solve problems traditionally seen in law firms and exposed me to a range of skills to help drive change and think differently, including: data analysis, project management, website designing and pricing strategies.


Bedford, UK.

Fun fact

I can recite ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ in Italian. 


A Case Manager at a local medico-legal firm. Before that, I was a grad straight out of university.

Best part of the job

The team culture and constantly learning new things from clever people. Having the freedom to take an idea and run with it. The fact that there are a few cricket fans in the team is also nice.

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