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Carrie Brogden

Legal Technology Analyst 


Carrie Brogden

About me

I joined the Newcastle Paralegal team in May 2019 and moved into the role of Legal Technology Analyst within the Innovation team in December 2020.

I assist with managing the EMEA Legal Technology Toolkit, as well as, building bespoke solutions.

Outside of work, I have trained up on software development, data analytics, UX/UI design and several programming languages. These skills are used to assist with the creation of custom applications within NRF.


Cumbria, UK.

Fun fact

My journey into working with legal technology originated from an interest in intellectual property in video games and software, inspired by the game 'Halo'.


Compliance Officer.

Best part of the job

Fixing the pain points!

See also

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Legal Technology & Innovation


  • Legal Technology
  • Innovation
  • Mass Claims
  • Data Analysis
  • Platforms

Relevant Experience

  • Claims Management Solutions
  • Airline Claims




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