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Dale Deplitch

Supervising paralegal

 Dale Deplitch


About me

I joined Transform’s Newcastle Hub in 2016 with the role of Legal Transaction Assistant. I held a number of roles within the legal services team and have since moved into the role of IBOR Project Manager.

I currently facilitate work on the mass review and categorisation of loan transactions for major banks, assessing their exposure and risk in relation to the IBOR transition. This is a directly client facing role. I assist in providing progress updates to clients, troubleshooting issues for document collection, review and remediation as well as coordinating the Hub review team and providing internal updates to the legal team and matter partners. In my previous life as a paralegal I worked on anything and everything but my particular areas of proficiency were Project Finance and Due Diligence/contract review (in all its various forms). I am currently doing a part-time secondment with Legal Design.


Manchester, UK.

Fun fact

I have a brown belt in Kickboxing and had a record of 4-0-0 in competitive fights as a teenager.


NRF lifer in terms of professional roles, but previously hospitality and retail to feed myself at university.

Best part of the job

Being given the responsibility and freedom to help refine existing processes and solve complex client problems.




Legal Services Team


  • Mass Review and Repapering
  • Hub Services
  • Collaboration Platforms



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