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Holly Tunnah

Legal Technology Product Specialist 

Holly Tunnah 

About me

I joined NRF almost four years ago as a Knowledge Paralegal in the Newcastle office. I worked mainly under the financial services and technology and innovation headlights, but also did some work for corporate and data protection. The technology and innovation research interested me most, which resulted in my involvement in the insurance department’s own Parker chatbot. After this, I was involved in the IBOR solution testing, looking at AI tooling and working on the processes. It is this work that lead me to move into the Tech and Innovation team. I joined Transform in 2020 with the role of legal technology product specialist. Though – I will be leaving next year to study for the LPC, returning in August as a trainee solicitor.

I currently help to manage the EMEA Legal Technology toolkit, specialising in our AI tooling.


Saltburn By-The-Sea – North Yorkshire.

Fun fact

I am Head of Events, Ops and Development at the Newcastle Legal Hackers.


NRF lifer post-university.

Best part of the job

Seeing the end result of our hard work in action.

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Relevant Experience

  • Global LIBOR Transition Project 



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