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Jeremy Lash

Resource Manager

Jeremy Lash 

About me

I joined Transform’s Resource Management team in 2018 with the role of Resource Manager, and have grown in the role – I started out looking after two major Banking teams and am now involved with looking after the Corporate Financial Services Team (CTFS) and one of the Singapore Banking teams.

I facilitate good working practice around task assignments – placing Associates onto Matters – and provide KPI and management data to the Partners across these teams, enabling them to make decisions around matter engagement, performance management and hiring decisions.

I am motivated by engaging with the fee earners – helping them succeed in their day to day tasks and acting as a cheerleader for them to the Partners, providing balance and support to help the leadership make informed decisions around how the team is functioning; how morale is across team-members; and ensuring fairness where possible across work allocations.


Exeter, Lincoln, Oslo, Aberdeenshire.

Fun fact

I completed the Devizes to Westminster Canoe race (127 miles) when I was 17.


Before NRF I worked as an RM for a small technology startup – and before that I was a longer term RM at professional services firm, working with various enterprise technologies. Way before THAT I served as an Officer in the British Army, with all the madness that entails!

Best part of the job

Talking to the fee earners and building a rapport with them.

See also

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Resource Management


  • Staffing Work
  • Pricing Work
  • Project Management

Relevant Experience

  • Implementing a Resource Management System (Vantage)



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