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Stephanie Songaila

Senior Manager, Head of Innovation, US


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About me

I started law school with the intention of being a litigator, but after going to trial with a partner during my time as a summer associate, I quickly realized that practicing was not the right fit for me. Fortunately, my law school offered classes on legal technology and legal analytics which allowed me to explore what an alternative legal career could be. After graduation, I joined the Legal Technology Innovation team at a large law firm in Atlanta and never looked back.

I joined NRF in 2023 to lead the US Innovation team, including our subsidiary, LX Studio. Our team focuses on evaluating new legal technology and designing custom solutions that can help our lawyers alleviate common pain point, while also delivering legal services more efficiently for our clients.


Atlanta, Georgia.

Fun fact

I love to travel.  One of my most memorable experiences is snorkelling with sharks in the Galapagos.  Our guide assured us that they were “vegetarian” during the day, so we were safe. 


Innovation Manager at another large law firm in the US. 

Best part of the job

Being able to look to look ahead and think about what the practice of law will look like in the future.






  • Legal Technology
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Project Management



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