Cyber insurance - what do you need to know?

Global Publication April, 2018

An increasingly complex web of national and international laws govern the treatment of data in Australia and around the world. Should your organisation become aware of an actual or potential cyber incident, it is important that you respond as soon as possible to minimise the impact to your organization.

With our unmatched global network, we are ideally placed to advise on complex cyber incidents. Our team of cyber insurance experts have put together a series of brochures on the cyber incident response process, and information on how we can we can assist you.

Cyber incident response roadmap 

Cyber Incident Response Roadmap

Our Cyber Incident Response Roadmap sets out some of the steps that your organisation may wish to take following an incident.

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Complete Data Breach Protection 

Complete Data Breach Protection

Our Complete Data Breach Protection service offering includes four global best practice cyber risk management packages to help organisations address cyber risks, and prepare for and respond to incidents.

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Cyber experience 

Cyber Experience at a Glance

We are assisting insurers and their insureds manage data breaches and cyber incidents across Australia, the Asia Pacific region and globally. View some of our recent Australian experience in this area.

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