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Toolbox Talks: Construction & Safety Insights

Podcast series

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We are delighted to share with you Toolbox Talks: Construction & Safety Insights, a mini podcast series delivered by our Construction & Engineering, and Workplace Health & Safety teams.

This series covers expert commentary on the latest issues concerning the construction industry in an easy to access, time friendly format. From insights on how we have seen different projects and contractors grapple with COVID-19, through to principal contractor liability expansions and how to best deal with WHS issues within contracts, each episode provides a holistic view of the key considerations for your construction business.


Contract management

Emanuel Confos and Nicki Milionis discuss how best to manage workplace health and safety risks within construction contracts, providing working examples of how they’ve assisted clients to navigate risk through to project completion.


  • Emanuel Confos, Partner
  • Nicki Milionis, Special Counsel

Principal contractor liability

Joanne Emerson Taqi and Annika Martz are interviewed by Katherine Morris regarding the increasingly stringent approach taken by regulators and courts in enforcing safety law nationally against principal contractors and principals and the role of contracts in this expansion individuals.


  • Katherine Morris, Partner
  • Joanne Emerson Taqi, Partner
  • Annika Martz, Special Counsel