Recruiting agencies

Please note that recruiting agency users are prohibited from completing and submitting employment applications on behalf of any applicant for open roles at Norton Rose Fulbright. Please submit candidates through the recruiting agency portal, accessible to those recruiting agencies assigned by Norton Rose Fulbright to specific posted job searches. If you require credentials for the portal, please submit a request.

Why Norton Rose Fulbright

We are a global law firm with an enterprising strategy and real momentum. The work we are winning and the places we now reach have created a widespread global platform. And we are striving for more. We are committed to providing excellent client service, fostering a culture of cooperation and mutual respect and creating opportunities for lawyers of all backgrounds.

Our shared values define our culture and our workplace. As an experienced lawyer, you will find us to be unusually collegial, team-oriented and ready to innovate. We work seamlessly across practices, offices and around the world. This elimination of boundaries has allowed us to evolve into a law firm that works as hard for its culture as it does for its clients.

Learn more and apply for lawyer opportunities with Norton Rose Fulbright. Please submit materials through the website.  Once your application is reviewed and it is determined that you are qualified for a position, a recruiter will contact you. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to provide an individual response to every candidate.


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