Leadership – from the battlefield to the boardroom and the courtroom

Event Details


Dallas, Texas Accreditation 1.0 CLE | September 11, 2019

Please join us and our distinguished panel of speakers for an informative discussion on leadership.

Learn how to properly and ethically lead legal teams in cases and board decisions leading up to those cases as well as handling both in-house counsel and outside counsel. The program will also cover leadership principles from the top of the military and applicability to their use in law settings, including leading teams and making proper analytical legal decisions. Through this program, you will learn the intersections between decision-making on the battlefield, in the boardroom, leading up to and in the courtroom.

Topics will include:

  • What makes a great leader
  • Developing strong leadership skills
  • Different paths to leadership
  • Leading across levels, cultures and interests
  • Differences between leadership and management 
  • Leadership and communication
  • Leadership examples at all levels


Please contact Erin Esbach with any questions.