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Mexico City subway renovation project launched, public tender announced

Global Publication June 2020

Sistema de Transporte Colectivo, a decentralized Mexican Government-entrusted public agency that manages and oversees the subway network in Mexico City, has called an international public tender to award a long-term contract – up to December 31, 2039, for the comprehensive modernization of subway trains, control systems and tracks for Line 1 of Mexico City's subway network (the Project).

The Project includes, but is not limited to: (i) the acquisition of new subway trains and maintenance of the existing ones, (ii) the renovation and improvement of existing subway tracks, and (iii) the implementation of a new subway train operation system.

Full technical, financial and legal requirements for bidders and the Project are outlined in the bidding guidelines that are available for interested parties to review and formally acquire until July 3, 2020.

Other key dates in the process include:


Site visit registration deadline July 8, 2020
Site visit July 9-17, 2020
Question submission deadline July 24, 2020
Q&A session July 31, 2020
Submission and opening of proposals August 31, 2020
Award September 28, 2020
Contract execution October 12, 2020


The works will be subject to a calendar proposed by the winning bidder, including a schedule of partial closures outlined throughout the bidding guidelines. The first delivery (i.e. the NM16 subway train) is currently scheduled for February 2021.

The Project is estimated to represent approximately MXN 17 billion (USD$762 million). No similar renovation efforts for other lines of the Mexico City subway network have been formally announced.

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