Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) intrusions are sophisticated cyber-attacks carried out by well-funded and organized cyber-criminals, nation state actors or, more recently, a combination of both. The attacks are designed to establish persistence using various tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that are intended to avoid detection and mimic authorized activity in the environment, known as “living off the land.” APTs’ goals may include the acquisition of intellectual property, personal data and financial information or the compromise of infrastructure or specialized data. APT intrusions often result in the unauthorized actor achieving part or all of their objective and can lead to serious reputation and financial damage to a company.

This article provides an overview of concepts counsel must account for when navigating an APT intrusion or any sophisticated attack.

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This article was additionally authored by senior associate Tristan Coughlin (Dallas), working under the supervision of Chris Cwalina and Steven Roosa.


Global Head of Cybersecurity and Privacy
Head of NRF Digital Analytics and Technology Assessment Platform, United States

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