While there are tools, tricks, and processes that can be lifted from classic e-discovery processes, a cyber review is distinct with its own unique workflow.

2020 was a year of extremes in many aspects. After the exceptional impact of COVID-19, and perhaps, in part, because of the way the pandemic forced businesses to change their operations, the steep rise in cybersecurity attacks—particularly ransomware attacks—have crippled or impeded many companies. Recovering from these attacks requires the expertise of forensic investigators to identify the compromised systems, and specialized attorneys to identify and advise on the types of data requiring notification as well as the regulatory requirements impacting cyber breach cases. Under the current regulatory regime, the United States has 52 different data breach notification laws, a challenge in and of itself.

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Global Head of eDiscovery and Information Governance; Head of Privacy, US
US Head of Technology and US Head of eDiscovery and Information Governance

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