Houston partner joins the Institute for Transnational Arbitration executive committee

United States Press release - People July 12, 2021

Kevin O'Gorman (Houston) joins the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA) executive committee, a leading international educational forum in transnational arbitration, to head the Middle East and North African task force. O'Gorman also serves on the Board of Trustees at the Center for American and International Law (CAIL), which is the parent organization of the ITA.

CAIL, one of the oldest CLE organizations in the US and Texas, is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering justice through the education of lawyers and law enforcement officers from more than 130 countries participated, including the US.

Much of CAIL's work is through its educational institutes, including the ITA, founded in 1986. Continuing its mission, many leading arbitrators and arbitration counsel contribute to the international arbitration legal community through educational and professional programs and publications that improve the practice and study of international arbitration and provide opportunities to enhance the arbitration community.

O'Gorman is a top-rated international arbitration partner recognized in the United States and globally for his experience in international arbitration, domestic arbitration and international litigation, with particular experience with commercial, corporate, energy, sovereign, treaty and construction disputes.