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A non-reading list
RE | Issue 17 | 2020




Terry Pratchett | Henrietta Scott, London

Dostoyevsky| Gerard Pecht, Houston
—‘I want to read him but he sends me to sleep’

Misery lit | Lily McMyn, Singapore
—‘I’ll have no more of it’

Harry Potter | Richard Calnan, London

Howard’s End E M Forster | Scott Atkins, Sydney
—‘a tedious tale’

Gravity’s Rainbow Thomas Pynchon | Howard Seife, New York
—‘boring and overblown’

Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Reading of Biblical Narrative Phyllis Trible | Natasha Moore, London
—‘required reading at uni, #traumatize’

The Science of Logic Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel | Kevin Hogarth, London
—‘excruciatingly painful’

Moby Dick Herman Melville | Jarret Stephens, New York

Cleopatra: A Life Stacy Schiff | Jarret Stephens, New York

The Canterbury Tales Chaucer | Georgina Hey, Sydney
—‘long, turgid, written in verse’

Ulysses James Joyce | Lisa Salazar, Houston
—‘required reading for Honors class, never again’

Northanger Abbey Jane Austen | Martin Scott, London
—‘had to read it at school, hated it’

Mao: The Unknown Story Jung Chang and Jon Halliday | Martin Scott, London

Dangling Man Saul Bellow | Andrew Robinson, Durban/Cape Town
—‘desperate existentialistic narcissism’

August 1914 Aleksandr Solzhenytsin | Andrew Robinson, Durban/Cape Town
—‘500 pages where nothing actually happened’

Moby Dick Herman Melville | Nick Grandage, New York/London
—‘Started. Stopped. Started. Stopped. Started and finished. Because it was there.’

The Alexandria Quartet Lawrence Durrell | Nick Grandage, New York/London
—‘decided 20 pages in that I couldn’t bear it’

Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand | Chaim Wachsberger, New York

A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens | James Bateson, London 

Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky | James Bateson, London
—‘never was there a more appropriately titled novel’

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus Ludwig Wittgenstein | Lex Melzer, Sydney

Rebecca Daphne du Maurier | Lex Melzer, Sydney

The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy | Laura Shumiloff, London
—‘pure torture’


First published in RE: issue 17 (2020)