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Archive: October 2020

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Update: Measures to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on employment extended

October 30, 2020

Two new presidential decisions dated October 26, 2020, have further extended several measures to provide Turkish businesses and employees with certain assurances in response to the pandemic.

Digital transformation in Turkish courts: Ministry of Justice to broaden e-hearing capabilities

October 28, 2020

On October 19, 2020, the Ministry of Justice (the “Ministry”) announced plans to increase the number of courts with e-hearing capabilities.

Registration fees for filing of security interests in the OHADA region: What Turkish companies need to know

October 27, 2020

While Turkey’s engagement continues to grow exponentially in Africa, particularly in OHADA jurisdictions, it remains crucial for Turkish investors to obtain robust security interests in order to secure amounts invested by them.

Project Finance Newswire: LIBOR end may disrupt emerging market lending

October 14, 2020

The anticipated cessation of LIBOR at the end of 2021 presents an ominous predicament for foreign lending into emerging market economies.