Over recent years, financial institutions have increasingly looked to third party outsourced service providers to help support their business  – these arrangements reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, with increasing amounts of outsourcing comes greater risk, and regulators across the world are now scrutinising outsourcing arrangements more than ever before. In particular, the EBA Guidelines on Outsourcing have established a prescriptive set of expectations that outsourcing contracts need to meet. This is relevant to both EU and UK firms, and firms should be working to ensure that existing contractual arrangements are updated to align with these Guidelines.

We understand that undertaking this type of contractual remediation exercise can be both complex and time consuming. To help you save time and resource, we have developed the NRF Outsourcing Toolkit, which provides access to a number of key documents that will help you to carry out this exercise. We can also support your remediation work more generally, and have a range of options that we can deploy - from helping on an ad hoc basis to fully managing and running the remediation exercise overall.

Further information on the NRF Outsourcing Toolkit can be found in the brochure. If you would like to discuss further, please get in touch with Hannah McAslan (hannah.mcaslan@nortonrosefulbright.com) or another a member of the team.

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