Navigating the merger control landscape

Global Video March 2024 17:40

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Global antitrust and competition trends

What does 2024 have in store for investors and businesses?

AT and competition
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There is considerable change in the world of merger control – new regimes, new thresholds and jurisdictional creep, new theories of harm and revised legislative frameworks and guidance.

In this video, which is part of our series of videos on antitrust and competition trends for 2024, Ian Giles and Chris Hersh discuss the key changes, focusing on developments on both sides of the Atlantic but also beyond, using our experiences as a global team dealing with regimes across the world.

They also provide businesses with some key takeaways to consider when planning deals for 2024, including that early analysis is more crucial than ever given greater complexity in the number of regimes and issues that need to be considered and the importance of thinking about whether clearance strategies adopted for deals in previous years remain valid in the context of the evolving regulatory environment. 



Head of Antitrust and Competition, Europe, Middle East and Asia
Partner, Canadian Head of Antitrust and Competition