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Global | April 27, 2021

Privacy concerns have led to some significant developments in the AdTech world, most notably Google’s announcement to stop supporting third party cookies in Chrome, and Apple’s enhanced privacy protections in iOS 14. These developments are influencing the direction and future of advertising on the internet. Organisations need to understand these developments and the legal and regulatory regime that applies to them so that they can prepare their businesses accordingly.

Our Future of AdTech Conference, which took place on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 April, explained the recent significant developments, introduced the key trends that privacy specialists should be aware of, and warned of the risks of non-compliance in this space.

You can watch either of the sessions on-demand by clicking the session titles below and completing the short registration process.

Session 1: An introduction to the AdTech Industry.

We introduced the legal and regulatory developments across Europe, and the key trends and changes in the AdTech industry that privacy specialists should be aware of, including:

  • the impact and status of the proposed ePrivacy Regulation and the Digital Services Act;
  • guidance and investigations of various data protection regulators across Europe;
  • the demise of third party cookies and what may replace them, explaining some of the replacement technical solutions being developed; and
  • how businesses can start preparing for an evolving digital advertising ecosystem.

Session 2: The risks of non-compliance.

We explored the risks of non-compliance in the AdTech space, including:

  • the increasing and significant fines being issued by data protection regulators;
  • other regulatory action, including investigations;
  • action being taken by privacy activists in this area;
  • the group litigation risk, including looking at the possible impact of Lloyd v Google and SMO v TikTok; and
  • how the landmark case known as Schrems II could affect the AdTech industry.

You can watch either on the sessions on-demand by clicking the session titles in red above. If you have any queries about the event please contact Georgina Hobern. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of other speakers if you have any concerns about how AdTech regulation may impact your business.