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The Commonwealth Quarterly - Issue 4

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Welcome to the fourth edition of the Commonwealth Quarterly

Spring time in Canberra brings beautiful blossoms, territorial magpies and the promise of warmer weather. This year with most of our major cities and regional areas in lockdown, Spring also plants seed of optimism for the remainder of 2021.

With the change of season, the fourth edition of the Commonwealth Quarterly brings a variety of think pieces from our talented team. Philip Charlton and Scott Atkins update us on the effects of the new Financial Regulator Assessment Authority and what the 2019 Public Service Review means for Governance and Accountability in the Public Service. Jiadi Liang, Freya Weston and Laura Crick provide a Governance Procurement Act Update through a Compliance and Risk Assessment Guide. Nicki Milionis gives an overview of the appeal decision handed down in May v Commonwealth of Australia and Helicopter Resources Pty Ltd and what this means for Commonwealth contractors. Kai Luck and Scott Atkins provide insight into building more effective insolvency and restructuring processes in Australia. Lana Kelly and Alice Blackburn give an overview into ending proceedings early as a model litigant. Isobel Taylor delivers insight into the Federal Court decision that artificial intelligence can be a patent ‘inventor’.

We hope you are all keeping safe and looking after each other.

Holly McAdam                                  Katrina Monagle
Partner and Head of Office              Senior Associate and Editor of The CQ
Canberra                                            Canberra

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