Cyril d'Herbes |

Runner in sunset

Running through life with sunshine. That's one way of looking at it. CYRIL, LUXEMBOURG



Henrietta Scott | 

Painting of a Vinny Van pug by Henrietta Scott

I like to paint. I like art and I like colour. I like pots! And I would like to have a dog of my own, a pug. HEN, LONDON



Christopher Wilson | 

Chinatown in San Francisco

I take my camera with me wherever I go. Never without it. CHRIS, VANCOUVER



Sacha de Klerk |

South Africa landscape

My life is in Canada, but this is where I came from and where I go back. It’s South Africa. SACHA, TORONTO



Alexander Botashev | 

Beach in Ghana

I was born in Sydney and educated in Moscow and London. I was in Ghana when I took this photograph. I am curious about the world. ALEX, LONDON



Tom Valentine |

Horses in the Rockies

If I'm not indoors, I'm outdoors. I love it. TOM, CALGARY


Top Photograph by Christopher Wilson, Vancouver