Managing antitrust risk around the world

Antitrust laws exist in most countries around the world. Although these laws mostly share a common goal – to protect the functioning of markets and, ultimately, consumers – there is significant variance from one country to another in terms of the precise nature of the rules, the scope of the sanctions for infringing them and the extent to which they are actively enforced. 

Understanding the risks your business faces and targeting your compliance efforts accordingly is critical to managing antitrust risk. The penalties for failing to comply can be severe.

We have produced a global ‘Antitrust risk map’ as part of our NRF Institute to help our clients navigate and understand the varying levels of antitrust risk, and competition laws in over 140 countries.

A tailored version of the risk map is available for companies active in the financial services sector – please contact us for details.

You can use the guide to:

  • Navigate a map of the globe and choose the jurisdiction/s you wish to read about
  • Create and customise your own comparative reports
  • Opt to receive email alerts when the laws change in the jurisdictions of interest.

For in-depth advice on a particular jurisdiction, please contact us.

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Global Head of Antitrust and Competition Co-Head of Commercial Litigation, US
Head of Antitrust and Competition, Asia
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