Businesses are facing challenges from climate change, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, new laws and regulation, higher inflation and interest rates, and supply chain disruption, and are therefore looking to restructure to help ensure they are financially robust to navigate these issues.

Our global restructuring guide provides an overview of restructuring and insolvency frameworks across various jurisdictions, including information on:

  • The principal preventive restructuring proceedings
  • Restructuring and insolvency processes
  • The salient issues and challenges of those processes
  • Which entities can access them
  • What frameworks are in place to recognise foreign proceedings

The guide provides practical answers to some of the key questions relevant to distressed businesses operating across borders. It addresses important issues such as the potential liability of directors, shareholders, and lenders of distressed companies, as well as providing practical tips for good governance. Our quick reference guide is a helpful resource for companies facing financial difficulties.

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