Understanding the legal challenges and implications surrounding international trade and sanctions

International trade and sanctions frameworks are complex and often respond to dynamic, volatile and changing political landscapes. The need to stay ahead of the latest regulations and developments is critical. The globalisation of international trade controls and sanctions and the new reality of cooperation between international regulators in different jurisdictions requires businesses to adopt a coordinated, global approach. A failure to comply with international trade and sanctions regimes can result in significant civil and criminal sanctions, harsh penalties for businesses, and even imprisonment for individuals.

Our international trade and sanctions news and development service focuses on providing the latest up-to-date regulatory developments that impact companies and individuals who are subject to sanctions regimes in the US, EU, Australia,Canada and the UK.


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 img_300x150_EMEA 6326 US Iran Sanctions   russian parliament button   New US Russian CAATSA sanctions designations – what the energy industry needs to know   Update on new Ukraine/Russia US sanctions impacting the energy sector  New UK Sanctions Bill following post-Brexit consultation  Caracas   Sanctions   New York   US senate approves Russia and Iran sanctions amendment  Sanctions framework in a post-Brexit UK  UK sanctions enforcement changes come into force  US lifts trade sanctions on Sudan  UK sanctions and export controls: impact of Brexit?  Guidance for financial institutions

 UK takes a step towards ‘U.S. style’ sanctions enforcement  New sanctions North korea

 Canada eases sanctions against Iran  Nuclear

 Moscow  UK gives effect to Council Regulation 2015/1797 in relation to the supply of hydrazine

 Relaxation of Russian sanctions for the benefit of the European space industry  EU publishes FAQ in respect of Russian sanctions

 Russian oil and gas field added to sanctions list  Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreed in respect of Iran

 OFAC issues Crimea Sanctions Advisory  Iran sanctions timeline

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