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Food law

Global Publication October 2020

We understand that producers and agribusinesses are under increasingly greater scrutiny and pressure to ensure our food supply is safe – right through from production to processing to food handling in grocery and retail stores. We also know that food safety legislative and regulatory regimes around the world are in a state of flex as regulators seek to accommodate novel food products, to adjust to rapid developments in technology and science affecting the way our food is produced, and to meet changing consumer expectations.  Our food law team explores the latest trends and developments in food law, as well as keeping you abreast of recent policy shifts and changes of the enforcement agencies and how these might impact your company’s operations. The articles in this section cover a wide range of food products – so whether you are produce, export or trade in seeds/grains, beverages, novel food products, confections, sugar, flour or oils (palm, canola, sunflower) and cellular foods, you’ll want to check it out.

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