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Global FinTech survey report | Key findings

United Kingdom Publication July 2020

Financial institutions, including banks, asset/fund managers and insurers, as well as established FinTech businesses and start-ups, have been presented with major disruptive events with the advent of COVID-19 and national lockdowns, and with the impending risk of global or regional recessions.

How are financial institutions and FinTechs responding to such challenges? What role might new business models, strategic collaborations, investment and M&A, outsourcing, regulatory considerations, and the risk of litigation play in addressing such challenges?

To find out, in May and June we undertook a survey of a range of banks, asset/fund managers, insurers, established FinTech businesses, FinTech start-ups and venture capital and consulting firms across the globe.

We invite you to read the findings of the survey which cover the following subject areas:

  • FinTech as a strategic priority
  • New FinTech use cases
  • FinTech strategic collaborations
  • FinTech investment and M&A
  • Outsourcing and FinTech
  • Regulatory impact in relation to FinTech initiatives
  • FinTech areas of potential dispute

Read the key findings

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