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Charlotte Hillyard 

Senior Innovation Lawyer, Banking & Finance


About me

I trained with the firm in London from 2011-2013 and qualified into the Paris office as an asset finance lawyer, focusing on aviation finance transactions. I seized the opportunity to join the Transform team at the end of 2020 for a year secondment in the Legal Design team.

The legal industry is changing rapidly and I wanted to understand more closely how these changes influence our practice as lawyers and what this means for our business and those of our clients. The team’s collaborative approach to projects and problem solving is hugely inspiring.

The secondment programme is a fantastic opportunity from a personal career perspective and testament to the firm’s commitment to creating diverse and collaborative teams across its network. My secondment to the Transform team has helped me re-evaluate and adapt my practice as a banking lawyer. I have learnt to see problems from a different perspective, apply new design methods and use technological resources that I was previously unfamiliar.


London (but live in Paris!)

Fun fact

I have just qualified as a mediator; I am intrigued by how different industries approach problem solving and how these similarities/ differences can be applied.


I started out in Corporate/ Financial PR, followed by a fellowship with the legal charity Reprieve – otherwise an NRF Lifer!

Best part of the job

 The Transform mindset – it generates a can-do, positive learning environment in which solving problems is a worthwhile job to do!




Innovation, Design & Technology


  • Legal Design



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