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New Law

We combine legal know-how with other capabilities, to provide solutions law firms historically couldn’t.


Mass review

Review of large volumes of contracts

IBOR Phase 1

Outsourcing Toolkit


Renegotiation of large volumes of contracts

IBOR Phase 2

Mass claims

Handling large volumes of claims

Flight delay claims

Cyber breach claims

Client process management

Supporting management of client processes


Legal managed services

Managing in-house client services

Digital analysis

Review of digital assets

NT Analyzer

Digital legal guides

Providing curated content, digitally

Horizon scanner

Digital assessments

Automated legal assessments, standard inputs


Digital dispute resolution

Online dispute resolution services

NRF Resolve

Digital repositories

Hosting client information

Core Law

We have re-engineered the way we offer and deliver conventional legal services. This work and those who support it are across all of our markets and practice areas. It is based on the breaking of work into its component parts and redesigning process; re-examining who delivers against each step of the process, and layering in technology where appropriate. Based on this approach, we seek to leverage data insights, and examine how our services can be commercially packaged.

Legal service delivery

Legal project management
 Integrating project managers and project management disciplines in the delivery of legal work

Matter resourcing
Using specialist resource managers, systematic skills mapping, and work allocation techniques, to optimise team structure and matter delivery

Pricing matters
Organising our commercial propositions around client needs, ensuring we capture the benefits of new delivery methods

Legal processes
Incorporating process design and continuous improvement in our delivery of legal work

Legal design
Applying design principles to how we present, share and deliver work internally and with clients

Technical capability

Automating repeatable tasks, like contract generation, workflow, and basic analysis

Machine learning / AI
Using machine learning to sort information or find document provisions

Enabling teams to work together and share information more effectively

Analytics and visualisations
Presenting & analysing information

Systems that enable building a variety of applications

Client stories