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Peter Buza

Innovation Project Manager

peter buza 

About me

I am a project manager with relevant experience as a practicing lawyer and engineer. I now manage legal projects where innovative technologies and approaches allow for the efficient management, review or extraction of target information from sizeable data and document sets. I also assist with a range of individual project management and reporting tasks when needed.

I am driven to achieve timely, cost-effective, high-quality results. At the same time, I hope to help team members experience each project positively by supporting their capacity to achieve results while maintaining their mental health.


I was born in Toronto. I am fortunate to have lived and travelled abroad, but I always seem to return to Canada. 

Fun Fact:

I’m learning to play a musical instrument and trying to improve at a sport.  I don’t have a talent for either, but if nothing else these activities have proven my ability to be stubborn.  


Law, and before that engineering.  Among other professional activities, I have tested and engineered cars, helped to resettle refugees, and obtained compensation for law firm clients.

Best Part of the Job: 

Working with people, whether it is with colleagues, clients, consultants or others.


Guelph and Toronto, Ontario 


Legal Project Management




+1 416.216.2300 


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