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Vethushaan Akilathasan

Full Stack Developer


About me

I joined Transform’s knowledge and innovation team in 2019 with the role of full stack developer.

I assist with / facilitate / work on legal technology, developing applications that provide solutions to various legal processes and enable our clients to achieve things that were not possible before.

I am motivated by visually seeing my code and work come to life and provide a huge benefit to our clients.


Born and raised in Toronto.

Fun fact

In high school and university, I was an avid roboticist and soccer player, having won multiple competitions in both.


After graduating from the University of Toronto I worked as a software developer at a major Canadian bank.

Best part of the job

The ability to enhance and optimize legal processes through the use of technology. Seeing your work provide benefits and really mean something to your clients.

See also

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Transform General 


  • Legal Products
  • Regulatory Compliance Management 

Relevant Experience

  • IP Portfolio




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