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Standout Response to COVID, NRF Resolve. Highest award in category

EMEA Publication October 2020

October 22, 2020

NRF Resolve, an NRF Transform product, was ranked a 'Standout' entry in the 'Responding to COVID' category, the highest accolade for that grouping. NRF Resolve is a new online legal framework and process for expedited dispute resolution, created by a taskforce of our energy and disputes lawyers working with the NRF Transform team. It is a dispute resolution process supported through a single online platform that aims to achieve an outcome for each dispute within two to six weeks. The process can be used both for disputes between companies, or between companies within the same group, operating in both civil law and common law jurisdictions. It is a fixed price, which gives clients the ability to plan and control their budgets. The catalyst for this solution was the high volume of disputes arising from the COVID crisis, but it can be used for all types of disputes.

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