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Stephanie Hamon discusses the common challenge of In-House teams to “Do more for less” in a Legal IT Insider interview

Global Publication June 2024

June 24, 2024

"Doing more with less" is a challenge every in-house legal team knows all too well.

In a recent conversation with Caroline Hill from Legal IT Insider, Stephanie Hamon, Head of Legal Operations Consulting at Norton Rose Fulbright explains how she helps corporate legal teams tackle this very challenge. In-house legal teams often have limited budgets and are further down the priority list for new technology. This makes it essential to maximize the potential of their existing tech stack.

Microsoft tools often feature prominently in these discussions, and they’re also leveraging the transformative potential of generative AI. Stephanie and Caroline discuss how these new technologies could impact the way law firms and in-house legal teams interact, and whether there is potential for real change.

We invite you to watch this interview here and to reach out directly to our Legal Operations Consulting team to get started with your transformation!