Our intellectual property (IP) strategists work alongside a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys, scientists and engineers to tailor and execute winning IP strategies that support our clients’ specific business needs. Our IP strategists combine their deep industry experience with the latest market intelligence to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors. Together, we protect investments in innovation and help mitigate risk from third parties.

We assist in building a strategy focusing on defined outcomes, such as market exclusivity, strategic partnerships and fundraising and revenue milestones. Our team helps build and use multi-faceted protection using a combination of various types of IP, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets and contractual protections. Adopting cost-effective approaches helps our clients allocate resources efficiently and strategically. We understand that business objectives may change as a company grows and evolves, and we will be there every step of the way to ensure the IP strategy is always aligned.

Our IP strategists also advise on IP governance including decision-making frameworks and control processes for IP that embed predictability and accountability. Our approach to IP governance is integrated with data governance and corporate governance, and includes a comprehensive suite of tools to protect and monetize intangible assets.


Partner | Global Head of Consumer Markets and Head of Litigation and Intellectual Property
Partner, Patent Agent
Head of Intellectual Property, United States