Some of the most valuable intellectual property assets are not able to be protected by patents, copyright or trademark protections – they are protected under the body of trade secret laws. From proprietary know-how, secret formulas and patterns, to devices and compilations of information, our global team of IP lawyers and attorneys can assist with identifying, protecting, exploiting and enforcing trade secrets and other confidential information.

We can assist clients in identifying confidential information and trade secrets that can be protected using trade secret laws and provide strategic advice on how to safeguard confidential information and trade secrets. In context of employees, this includes invention policies, restrictive covenants and confidentiality policies. In the commercial space, we assist companies with preparing and developing confidentiality agreements, negotiating licensing and assignment agreements involving the sharing or joint development of trade secrets and assessing the best types of protection for business information.

When the need arises to enforce trade secrets and obligations of confidence or defend businesses in legal actions involving trade secrets, we have disputes lawyers all over the world with the skills to assist. We frequently advise businesses both as claimants and defendants in relation to disputes and potential disputes relating to trade secrets in a number of key sectors. Where legal proceedings must be undertaken, we work closely with our clients to carefully formulate a strategy with the best possible chance of withstanding court scrutiny without overstating the case or appearing to act anti-competitively or in restraint of trade – often an issue when an executive or senior-level employee leaves to work for a competitor. We have handled numerous high-value and highly sensitive and confidential matters worldwide, and we have the global resources to swiftly prepare and obtain prompt court relief, as well as to build an offensive or defensive litigation strategy in jurisdictions across the world.



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