A welcome from our Breathe Network Co-Chairs

United Kingdom Video September 2020 25:09

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One in four British workers is affected by conditions like anxiety, depression and stress, but they can find it hard to ask for support. The challenge is to create a culture in which people feel confident that openness about mental illness won’t count against them. That’s why we created Breathe.

Our first cultural network to focus on mental health, Breathe is sponsored by James Bateson, partner and global head of financial institutions, and led by a steering group of volunteers from the London office. 

Breathe’s ultimate goal is to help us deliver on our Time to Change pledge: to change how we think and act about mental health in the workplace and make sure that employees who face these problems feel supported. We want our workplace to be a safe environment for all employees and partners – one where people are able to speak up about mental health without fear.