Risks, if managed properly, provide opportunities for businesses to grow sustainably and deliver value for their customers, clients, and other key stakeholders.

Our global Risk Advisory practice comprises a multidisciplinary team including risk, compliance, ex-regulators, industry specialists and lawyers from multiple practice groups / specialisms. This combination of skills and experience allows us to seamlessly meet the increasingly complex risk challenges facing your business. The integration with our legal teams means that, where appropriate, we can apply privilege and protect confidential client communication from third parties.

What makes us different?

  • A fully integrated team of lawyers, compliance professionals, and ex-regulators.
  • Comprehensive cross-jurisdictional coverage.
  • Deep technical skills aligned to practical solutions.
  • A commitment to shaping industry leading knowledge.

How we can help

In conjunction with our legal teams, our compliance specialists can support you with:

Governance including process controls, contentious and enforcement

  • Providing advice on global accountability regime compliance.
  • Advising on the design and operating effectiveness of governance frameworks, including escalations, Management Information (MI), and reporting.
  • Conducting governance, and lessons learned reviews to identify weaknesses, root causes, and enhance processes.

Conduct and culture

  • Advising on firm culture including purpose, values, and cultural measurements.
  • Advising on conduct risk management frameworks and customer fairness.
  • Supporting the design and delivery of redress and remediation schemes.

Risk, compliance and controls

  • Developing and reviewing risk and compliance frameworks.
  • Assessing MI, reporting, and oversight arrangements.
  • Advising on the calibration of risk management.

Regulator engagement

  • Applications to the regulator, including for authorization, cancellation, and variations of permission.
  • Applications for waivers and modifications of rule applicability.
  • Supervisory engagement, including Principle 11 disclosures, notifications, and on-going support when engaging with the regulator.

Regulatory change and implementation

  • Undertaking gap analyses to identify the scale of change required.
  • Advising on the practical implications of regulatory change across governance, business lines, people, and processes.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

  • Strategic planning and guidance for ESG commitments and disclosures.
  • Advising on UK and EU law and financial services regulation.
  • Reviewing of entity-level and product-level ESG approaches.
  • Designing and implementing ESG reporting frameworks.
  • ESG/sustainability legal and regulatory support in the context of transactions.

Financial crime

  • Developing and reviewing anti-financial crime frameworks.
  • Assessing anti-financial crime policies and procedures.
  • Designing, reviewing, enhancing, and testing financial crime controls.

Operational resilience

  • Reviewing and assessing operational resilience frameworks.
  • Delivering crisis scenario testing workshops to assess processes.
  • Providing advice on areas of enhancement.

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