Business services

The collaborative approach and global outlook that drives our firm forward extends right across the organisation. Our business services teams have enabled us to go where we wanted to go – playing an integral part in creating and strengthening our global platform. And their work will continue to be invaluable as we start to realise the full benefits that this platform has to offer.

Much like our firm, our business services careers are global in their scope and progressive in their nature. Our careers also bring with them high expectations and significant rewards.


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Our finance department is central to our business. These are the people who oversee pricing transactions and make sure the client money is handled correctly. Responsible for everything from supplier costs and treasury to employee salaries and management reports, they ensure we are profitable wherever we are in the world. And the further we reach, the more complex our financial challenges become.

Career path

There is no set career path here, which means there is always something new and interesting to learn and get involved in. Across the firm you can find people who have moved into other areas to broaden their careers. This will continue to be the case: our open door culture and ambitious colleagues ensure it. Join them, at any level, and you will find a shared purpose that encourages innovation and enables rapid progression.


Our recent growth has created significant opportunities within the financial team – particularly for ambitious professionals in their early careers. Roles here tend to fall into eight specific remits:

  • Financial and Management accounts
  • Finance Systems
  • Tax and Partner Financial Affairs
  • Payroll
  • Treasury
  • Billing and revenue control
  • Credit management.
  • Pricing

HR/Learning & Development

Our HR and Learning & Development department is fully integrated within the firm. From HR generalists who deal with strategic and day-to-day issues to specialists in recruitment, diversity, learning, pensions or benefits, they support our vision. They do this by attracting and retaining outstanding talent, and developing our people around the world. More than this, they also help us maintain our open and positive culture.

Career path

HR and Learning & Development at Norton Rose Fulbright is a global affair. There are opportunities to work in our international offices. And as our culture encourages collaboration, you will find that you learn new things and develop expertise you might not elsewhere.


Human Resources generalists, recruitment specialists, diversity experts, benefits and pensions practitioners; you will find a huge variety of roles within our HR team. You will also find numerous examples of people who have progressed with us – some through promotion, others through pursuing opportunities with us in one of our international offices.  Whenever an opportunity arises, we look internally first to see if we have anyone in the team to fill it.


Having combined with five other legal practices in the last three years, we have seen remarkable transformation at Norton Rose Fulbright. Ensuring that this transformation is a success relies heavily on having the right technology and systems behind it. This means that working in our IT team means thinking beyond the technology – focusing on the broader impact and designing systems that both support and improve the way in which we do business.

Combining IT systems, minimising risk, protecting data and bringing together complex technologies across international boundaries – our IT team are facing some exciting and interesting challenges.

Career path

Career development here is guided by your individual talents and needs. There is no set path – you could start in IT support and work your way up to a senior role with a global remit. There really are no limits. And as our training combines hard technical skills with softer business and people skills, we will make sure that you are equipped to excel however far you go with us.


The massive changes and fast-paced nature of our business calls for people with an innovative approach to IT. After all, you will be working with offices right around the globe, across timelines, cultures and languages. It is this diversity of projects that brings the biggest opportunities. And there are a variety of areas to get involved in:

  • Customer services
  • Infrastructure management
  • Applications development
  • Business support management
  • Security and quality management.


Legal training, drafting and maintaining templates, sharing insights with clients - our knowledge team deals with all this and more. And they do so on a global scale. They advise and consult with our lawyers to ensure that we always take the right course of action in complex cases. They also see that we and our clients are managing legal risk and following regulations wherever we are in the world.

Career path

Our knowledge team is open to people from all levels. Whether you are an associate looking for your first knowledge role, a partner in search of a new challenge, an experienced knowledge lawyer or an applicant from a non-legal background, there will be a place for you. Whatever level you join, you will discover a structured career programme designed to help you develop and achieve what you want in your career.


There are a variety of roles in this team. You might be a knowledge lawyer with legal qualifications and significant transactional or other experience. Perhaps you have experience or an interest in knowledge-sharing systems and tools. You could be from a secretarial background and want to put your understanding of procedures and drafting to new use. In all cases, you will find a clear career path ahead – and considerable opportunity for progression.

Library services

Our Library team plays a vital role. They ensure our lawyers have access to the right information at the right time.  And by managing the procurement of information resources for the business, they make sure that we have the best sources available.

The team also offers a comprehensive research service for our lawyers, our business development teams and external clients too. And they deliver a range of current awareness services including daily press and legislation monitoring, while training our lawyers to make best use of the library services.


Joining this team will make you a pivotal part of our business. You will liaise with colleagues at every level, so strong communication skills and a proactive approach will be essential. And you will quickly discover that teamwork and people skills will prove every bit as important.

Marketing and business development

Marketing at Norton Rose Fulbright is about more than just communicating our services clearly and consistently around the world. The team works closely with our lawyers to get to market quickly and take advantage of new opportunities. Through everything from advertising to client relationship management, they also protect and promote our reputation on a global scale.

Career path

There are always opportunities to progress in this team. You may find chances to work abroad, learn new skills in different disciplines, or seek training in areas that particularly interest you. Add to this mentoring and a meritocratic approach, and you will see why career progression here can be as rapid as the development we are making ourselves. Many of the current team have worked in a variety of roles and locations during their career with us.


As our firm continues to grow, the opportunities in our Marketing and Business Development teams do too. What is more, they are becoming increasingly global. Join this team, and you will find yourself part of a busy, close-knit group with a shared sense of direction.


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