Financial Institutions: EU and UK policy and legislative outlook

Government Relations and Public Policy Briefing Series

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Europe | July 15, 2020

For all financial services practitioners and preceding the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 was expected to be a year of dynamic policy developments. The subsequent outbreak of the pandemic has significantly redefined policy and the legislative objectives of both European and UK policy- and decision-makers, but this work is now gathering pace with a number of important initiatives being underway. In addition, the ongoing negotiations between the EU and UK on their future relationship and associated equivalence considerations add to the complexity of issues that financial markets participants and market infrastructure operators have to consider in their regulatory strategies. During the first webinar of the Government Relations and Public Policy series we will therefore aim to provide financial services practitioners with a comprehensive overview of priority policy, regulatory and legislative initiatives that currently drive the agendas of European and UK policy and decision-makers, and including:

  • Securities markets and benchmarks reform
  • ESG and sustainable finance highlights
  • Short-, mid- and longer-term outlook
  • Financial services in the context of future EU-UK relations